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Online Coaching

Online Coaching for WOMEN, is my specialty! I take pride in helping women all over the country. Not only do I give you the tools you need to get your health in order, but I also TEACH you how and build up your mental strength in the process. They go hand in hand.


Online coaching is cheaper than in-person training and definitely more convenient! Email Flo at to take the leap! 

** Custom Macro/Eating Guide** 
This is not a meal-by-meal plan. These are quantities for you to meet daily while eating food you enjoy. You will learn modifications, alternatives, and ways to still enjoy life while maintaining your health and confidence. 

**Custom Workout Plan** 
Whether you workout at home with no equipment or with dumbbells, in a hotel gym on the road, in your garage gym with certain equipment, I can create a plan for you. Whether you have 30 minutes or an hour to give to exercise per day, I have a plan for you. 


**Weekly Check-Ins**
You are required to submit progress photos every week by a deadline we agree on. Progress photos are your saving grace. People get so discouraged by the scale...progress photos let you SEE the difference. If you DO THE WORK, it will show. You will thank me later. 


**Optional Zoom/Facetime Calls** 
Having trouble with something? We can talk it out face to face. As your coach, I am here for you. We can always schedule a call to talk it out! 


**Access to me 24/7**
As your coach, you will have my cell phone number to text me on the spot with questions. You will also have my email address. Usually, I will reply within minutes. Otherwise, I promise to reply to texts within 12 hours and emails within 24 hours. 


**Access to my Private Facebook Group**
Join a community of people with the same intentions as you! I post useful tools here and you get to meet others on the same journey. 

For more information email Flo @ 

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