Selective Discipline

First off...this is my fist official blog! Hey, what's up, hello! I am PUMPED because I love to express myself through writing.

It's me Flo, and I am here to talk about it ALL, you feel me?

Okay so, let's get to it...selective discipline...what the heck is that?

Well...I suffer from it.

When it comes to working-out, my fitness goals, picking the right foods, fitness challenges, etc. I am all for it. I do all that I can to make sure it happens, no matter what. On the flip side, when it comes to finances and my engineering career...I must admit, I still lack.

With that being said...let me share two areas in my life where I lack discipline and soon... WILL NOT!


Money, Money, Money

Do you budget every month and stick to it? That's the important part...stick to it...

It's just like a fitness plan...I can create them all day...but you have to do them.

Well that goes for budgeting too. SHOCKER RIGHT?! lol wrong. It's discipline...just another form of it.

I have made many, many mistakes with money...let me tell ya. But guess what? I'll get through it.

I bring this up because I want to talk more about this with you are my people, and I am sure I am not the only one that has or has had issues with this.

So just like my physical fitness journey, let's put it all out there. Did you know that simply sharing a goal or announcing that you will do something makes you more likely to do it?

Well here is goes...I WILL BE FIT IN MY FINANCES.

By when you may ask? By age 33! (am already 29 so, let's get it!)

Join me! Start budgeting TODAY and see where your money is going. You will be surprised!

We will talk more about this financial fitness journey... A LOT more about it.


Continuing Education

Who here gets test anxiety?


But listen, to be clear...test anxiety is BS. (sorry to be so forward, but you will get used to that, reading MY blog) In a book I am reading, it talks about how emotion, worry, anxiety can all be avoided.

Think of the feeling as a "BEING". As soon as you feel it, or sense a reaction..."watch it". Just acknowledge that it's there. Now, you are being conscious about your energy and feelings. When you are conscious, you are present. If you are present, you aren't getting anxiety about some future event that hasn't even occurred yet. Make sense? Great!

So, I have been putting off a pretty important test for a while now. In the engineering world, you are to take a series of exams to get to the highest level of your career. The 1st one is the Fundamentals of Engineering exams of FE. Once you pass that, you are an EIT (Engineer In Training). Next, you work under a PE (Professional Engineer) for at least 4 years, until you take the PE exam and become a PE yourself. Then you are gold! I will be gold.

I plan to take the Fundamental Engineering exam this year and two short years after that...the PE EXAM! Whoohoo!

So again, that is me putting that out into the atmosphere!


In summary, Flozell's Fitness is not just about physical health. It's about fitness in all aspects of life.

I want to be able to say I am disciplined...not selectively disciplined. There's a difference!

So, do you suffer from selective discipline as well? Are you committed to some things in your life and not all things? Does it bother you?! Let's make some changes.

Thanks for reading! Chat soon.

xoxo -Flo

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