5 Things I Use Every Day!

Here are just 5 things I use on a daily basis to help me stay on track, get things done & reach my goals!

1) Echo Dot: this was a gift to me a few years ago and I freakin love it! I wake up every morning to my favorite artist (Sabrina Claudio) as my alarm, play music, set timers, ask questions while cooking, ask the weather, the time, quickest route before I leave, reminds me when I have five minutes to walk out of the door…ALLLLADAT! Highly recommend!


2) Milk Frother: Game changer! I have protein coffee every single morning and sometimes at night…TBH (that means to be honest…for my older subscribers lol). I also use this to mix my greens, sometimes my post workout stack and my protein bowl cake at night. We will talk about all the supplements I use daily in another blog! You can check out the frother I use here:


3) Food Scale: This tool is so important to counting macros. To really know how much you are eating daily when logging your food. Sure…. packaging will say an amount like a quantity or a measurement but when it’s actually weighed out…you will be surprised! You can check out the food scale I use here:


4) Tripod: That’s right…I do all my ish myself. There is no one behind the scenes being my camera man, photographer or hype man (yet) lol. Well I do have Caroline for photo shoots (obviously lol) but all my workout videos, videos in my kitchen, photos in the house, etc. MY TRIPOD HOLDS ME DOWN! Find one that works for you on amazon.


5) Water Bottle: My water bottle is basically my new bae. It’s with me everywhere…all day, every day! Unfortunately, the one I use from 1st Phorm is no longer available…but there are lots of big water bottle options out there!

That’s all for now! See ya later!


xoxo -Flo | | IG: @Flozells.Fitness | YouTube: Cema Flozell

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